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What To Expect When Visiting Orthodontist from Methuen, Massachusetts

The Methuen, Massachusetts orthodontics office has been located in West Springfield since 1872. Since then, it has specialized in the treatment of both adults and pediatric orthodontic patients. They provide a full range of general dentistry and orthodontic services, offering the latest technology in the field. This allows for customized treatment plans to be created to fit each patient’s needs. In order to treat adults, they utilize the same technologically advanced techniques used by their orthodontists in their youth ward. Using the latest computerized imaging systems, they are able to create the perfect smile for each patient with the greatest degree of accuracy. Learn more facts here.

The Methuen, Massachusetts orthodontist provides comprehensive treatments for adults, focusing on the mouth, jaw, and facial areas. Their primary focus is on the correction of malocclusion, which occurs when an individual’s teeth move out of position, crowding the airway, causing facial pain, breathing difficulties, and headaches. They offer a full range of orthodontic services, including occlusal alignment, straightening, bite lift, fixed bite re-contouring, wire straightening, lumineers, and anterior edge closure. The orthodontist also provides comprehensive services for children, focusing on the facial bones and jaw structure. Read about Methuen, Massachusetts Orthodontist, and Dentists here.

The staff at Methuen is committed to providing the highest level of patient care through the use of the latest equipment and techniques. This allows them to correct misalignment, resulting in lessened stress and pain to the patient. They also strive to make the patient feel comfortable while their teeth are being worked on and give them the tools they need to keep their teeth happy and healthy. Methuen makes sure that you are happy with the results! You’ll get to see your new smile before the procedure is completed, allowing you to make any final adjustments before your first appointment.