What are the pros and cons of traditional braces?

What are the pros and cons of traditional braces?

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Traditional braces are a type of dental apparatus used to correct teeth alignment. They consist of metal brackets that are bonded to the teeth and connected by wires that are tightened over time as the teeth move into their desired position. While traditional braces have been around for many years, there have been some recent advances in technology that have made them more comfortable and less noticeable. Despite these advancements, traditional braces do still come with a few drawbacks that patients should consider before they decide on which treatment option to choose.


Pro: Corrects serious cases of misalignment quickly. Due to the way traditional braces work by pulling teeth with metal wires, they can produce dramatic changes in tooth position relatively quickly. Because of this rapid change, people who have severe misalignments will typically see their desired results faster than other patients.

Con: More invasive than most other dental appliances. Traditional braces come with an added risk because, for them to be effective, the brackets must be bonded directly to the patient’s teeth. This means that when the patient receives anesthetic for restorative procedures like fillings or root canals (which must be done before having traditional braces placed) there is a chance that the patient will receive a dosage of anesthetic that is too high and puts them at risk of serious side effects like difficulty breathing and heart problems.

Pro: Still effective even if the patient has experienced tooth decay. The brackets on traditional braces must be placed directly on patients’ teeth, but this does not mean that they cannot still correct misalignments in the presence of damage to those teeth. This is because traditional braces typically move some healthy teeth as well so as long as there is enough healthy tooth structure for adhesive or bonded brackets to attach, the treatment can help restore your bite and appearance.

Con: Can cause discomfort depending on specific circumstances. Since wires must be tightened over time to gradually guide teeth into their desired positions, the process can get uncomfortable for some patients. In addition, traditional braces can get in the way of eating especially hard or crunchy foods without proper care and attention from the patient.

Invisalign And Traditional Braces	Massachussets

Pro: Minimal risk to nearby tooth structures. Many people are reluctant to have the orthodontic treatment done because they are afraid that having dental appliances used near their teeth might cause damage to soft or hard-to-reach places inside their mouths, but this is not an issue with traditional braces because there is no need for cutting back gum tissue or surgery during installation. The only risk is associated with getting anesthesia before the procedure begins if the patient’s symptoms require sedation rather than local painkillers.

Con: More noticeable than other types of appliances. Traditional braces do work by physically moving teeth into their desired positions. This means that they are not invisible like other types of dental appliances, but it is possible to make them less noticeable by placing the brackets near the back of the mouth where they will be harder for people outside of your family to notice.

Pro: Comfortable options available. Traditional braces are not always uncomfortable; in fact, there are many different types available that have improved ergonomics that can make them more comfortable while some even come with archwires that use improved technology to protect patients’ lips and cheeks from friction irritation.

Con: Costly compared to other fixed treatments. While traditional braces cost approximately $4000, which includes an average retainer fee of $1000 after treatment is finished, this does not mean that they are the most expensive option for everyone. Depending on how much work needs to be done, free-standing appliances or other types of braces may end up costing more especially if you have a good dental plan arranged through your employer.

Pro: More affordable options available. Just like with any medical procedure there is a wide variety of choices when it comes to traditional braces, which means that you can choose between metal and ceramic brackets as well as specific colors or designs if you make an appointment with an orthodontist who offers cosmetic treatments. While these options do not impact the functionality of the appliance itself they might affect price depending on the orthodontist’s business model.

Con: Limited in size range due to physical constraints. Traditional braces can only be used with patients who have enough room in their mouths for the brackets and wires to be placed. This is why adults must choose this type of treatment when they still have most or all of their permanent teeth because once you lose one, it will affect how free space there is inside your mouth and may make getting braces difficult unless significant changes are made to your oral health and bite.

Pro: Still an effective treatment choice for adults. While traditional braces were originally designed for teenagers with smaller jaws and excessive amounts of baby teeth, modern techniques mean that these appliances can also be used on older individuals who experience different symptoms from tooth alignment problems such as jaw pain, TMJ issues, facial asymmetry, chronic headaches, and other problems that can be alleviated with bracing.

Con: Brackets must be removed to clean teeth. While many orthodontists offer removable appliances that still work the same way as fixed braces, traditional braces need to have their brackets removed before you can brush or floss your teeth because they get in the way of reaching certain areas which prevent you from keeping them clean while they are on.

Invisalign And Traditional Braces Massachussets

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