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Places to Visit in Methuen, MA for A History Buff

A Historic Town

Methuen is a town rich in history dating back to the 17th century. As a result, there are plenty of historical attractions that bring in tourists from all over the country. If you love reading about the history of different places and enjoy looking at exhibits from way back, there’s plenty in store for you right here in Methuen. Below are a few places to start with. Learn information about Methuen, MA here.

Methuen Museum of History

The Methuen Museum of History is a typical museum that mostly explains the history of the town. Here you will find books and exhibits from back in the day when this town was founded. There are also a few knowledgeable guides who are always happy to tell the story of this town, including details of how it was founded and the people that were behind its founding—a great place to come specifically if you want to learn about the town’s history. Click here to read about Methuen, MA, Is the Perfect Place to Relax At.

Nevins Memorial Library

Here you will find a wide range of books that also detail the history of the town as well as a host of other things. It is your typical library with friendly staff and an auditorium that hosts music concerts.

If you love learning about history, you’ll love these two places.