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Methuen, MA, Is the Perfect Place to Relax At

Methuen, MA, Is Home to Several Fabulous Pubs

If you enjoy having solo drinks or drinks with friends, you’ll enjoy your time at Methuen, MA, as it has plenty of fantastic pubs. On numerous occasions, the pubs situated in Methuen, MA, have been ranked by many living in the region as best in Massachusetts. In case you’re in Methuen, here are some of the pubs you won’t regret paying a visit to. Learn more here.

The Irish Cottage

Located at 17 Branch Street, The Irish Cottage is one of the most renowned pubs in Methuen and its surrounding areas. This wonderful pub is popular because it offers high-quality Irish meals and a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. Given that it provides its meals and drinks and affordable rates, you need not worry about incurring a massive bill at this establishment. See here for information about Methuen, MA, Is the Perfect City for Campers.

RJ Sports Bar and Grill

If you love watching sports games with fellow sports fans while drinking exquisite and pocket-friendly alcoholic drinks, this pub is the right place for you. Located at 1111 Riverside Drive, RJ Sports Bar and Grill never disappoints its customers. Thus, a visit here is more than recommended.