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Methuen, MA, Is A Nature Lover’s Delight

Methuen, MA, Boasts of Several Fantastic Nature Attractions

One of the critical reasons thousands of tourists visit Methuen, MA, each year is that it has many fantastic natural attractions. Unlike most noise and air polluted cities in the country, Methuen has several peaceful, well-maintained, and scenic natural attractions. If you’re a true fan of nature, here are some of the attractions you should plan on visiting while in Methuen, MA. Look here for more about Methuen, MA.

Bird Sanctuary

If you love bird watching, you won’t ever regret visiting Methuen’s Bird Sanctuary. Many bird lovers consider this wonderful sanctuary as one of the best bird-watching sites in the region as it has beautiful trails and plenty of wildlife. Here, you’ll easily spot some of the rarest birds in the country. Click here to read about Methuen, MA, Is A Kid-Friendly City.

Greycourt State Park

The Greycourt State Park is one of Methuen’s most expensive natural attraction sites. This park, covering over 24 acres of land, has, over the years, gained massive recognition from nature lovers. This is because it boasts of various unscathed flora and fauna, wooded walking trails, and a picturesque landscape. Going by its excellent reviews, we are confident you’ll enjoy your time at this fantastic park.