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Methuen, MA, Is A Kid-Friendly City

Methuen, MA, Has Several Wonderful Parks

Nowadays, cities are crowded with office skyscrapers, apartment buildings, and such. Rarely do you find cities that have adequate spaces for children to play in. However, unlike most cities, Methuen, MA, boasts of having a good number of children’s playgrounds. Home to thousands of families, Methuen has always been kid-friendly. If looking for children’s playgrounds in Methuen, MA, here are some of the places to visit. Find more information here.

Raymond J. Martin Riverside Park

Located at 971 Riverside Drive, the Raymond J. Martin Riverside Park is a well-cared-for park in Methuen, MA. Several local families usually visit the park as it has something for everyone. For adults, it has beautiful trails which are perfect for cycling and walking. For children, it has a modern kid-proof playground and a baseball field. Thus, at this park, everyone is bound to have fun. See here for information about Methuen, MA, Is A Gamblers’ Paradise.

Methuen Recreation Department

If you’re searching for a park where you can sit as you watch your kid play with his/her fellows, this park, located along Pleasant Street, is the perfect place for you. Clean and secure, you can rest assured that at this park, your kid will enjoy himself/herself to the fullest.