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Historic Sites Around Methuen, MA

One for The History Lovers

If you enjoy touring different historical sites and learning new things, then Methuen and the surrounding environs have plenty in store for you. A few sites have a rich history and have been preserved for viewing and learning by the generations to come. If you’re visiting town and would like to tour these sites, here are some of the details. Find further facts here.

Robert Frost Farm

This used to be the home of the legendary Robert Frost – a well-known and loved poet in the area. Here, you get to learn about his early life and tour the house he lived in. The guides are very knowledgeable and provide you with all the details you need. You can also feel free to ask any questions, and best believe they will be more than happy to answer. Read about Highly Rated Vacation Rentals in Methuen, MA Worth Checking Out here.

Lowell National Historical Park

This is another hidden gem. Located a few minutes away in Lowell, the Lowell National Historical Park is an epicenter of human culture, workers’ rights, industrialization, and ingenuity. You will learn a lot about New England’s industrial history and see a few exhibits that put everything into perspective.

If you love uncovering and learning new bits about history, you should try these out.