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Farm Tours Around Methuen, MA

Something Excitingly Different

Farm tours aren’t quite familiar with most people despite being a great idea for dates and excursions. In a town like Methuen, where most of the surrounding area is the countryside, there are plenty of nice farms that deal in different types of produce and have plenty to see for someone who has been brought up around urban spaces. Some of these farms offer tours, and if you’d like to take one, here are some of the options you’ve got. Further facts about Methuen, MA can be found here.

Smolak Farms

With a history of over thirty years, Smolak Farms has grown from your typical dairy farm to an extraordinary family destination. People from different places come to this farm and enjoy some activities such as apple picking and fruit picking in the orchards and shopping at the farm stand and bakery that features apple cider donuts and mouth-watering pies. Information about Budget-Friendly Attractions in Methuen, MA can be found here.

Boston Hill Farm

The main activity here tends to be fruit picking which usually tends to be loads of fun, especially when with the family. Despite being seasonal, you are guaranteed a fun time if you time your visit perfectly. It is therefore advisable that you contact them in advance so that you can plan appropriately.