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Colonial Heights, Lawrence, MA, Is A Kid-Loving Neighborhood

If you plan on traveling to Lawrence, MA, with your kids, you should consider staying at a hotel that’s close to Colonial Heights. Staying close to this neighborhood is in your best interest because it has lots of kid-friendly places. Listed below are some of the most preferred kid-friendly places in Colonial Heights. Learn more here.

Costello Park

While in Colonial Heights with your kids, you should visit the marvelous Costello Park. Run by the City of Lawrence, this park covers an expansive area of 6 acres. Annually, it is visited by thousands of hikers and cyclists as it has well-maintained trails. Given that it has terrific basketball and tennis courts, a kid-proof playground, and numerous picnic tables, it’s fair to state that at this park, there’s something for everyone. Learn more about Visit Shawsheen Village Historic District, Andover, MA.

Sullivan Park

Most cities grapple with the lack of children-friendly parks. However, this isn’t the case with Lawrence, MA, as it has plenty of astounding children-friendly parks. One such park is the renowned Sullivan Park. A favorite for many Colonial Heights families because of its numerous amenities such as swings, monkey bars, and basketball courts. This park would be a good place for your kid to have fun while interacting with their age mates.