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Best Brunches in Centralville, Lowell, MA

As a town booming with factory-age remnants, Lowell has a strong foothold of the past decades. Apart from boasting several attractions and outdoor activities, Lowell also has many excellent restaurants. Here are a few top spots where you can get breakfast in Lowell. Methuen, MA can be seen here.

Connector Café & Grill

The place features vegetarian, coffee, American, Diner, café, and bakery. You will find this spot on 724 Chelmsford Street, Highlands, Lowell, and you will love it if you are looking for something healthy and new or the tried and authentic dishes. Locals know the café for its famous paleo menu and bakery. It is not like the others as it offers some very unique, tasty breakfast options. They have a three-egg vegetable omelet with pepper, onion, mushroom, and broccoli or paleo muffins that you can try. Click here to read about Best Activities Near South Lowell, Lowell, MA.

Vic’s Breakfast Subs & Bakery

Located in 1 Lilley Avenue, Cenralville, Lowell, you can enjoy as much versatility at Vic’s Breakfast Subs and Bakery, which is unlike what you can get from a few local restaurants. Many people know this restaurant for its enormous homemade subs and fresh bakery. When you visit, you will see that their breakfast is the best around. The restaurant serves a small breakfast. As such, ensure you come early enough to enjoy one of its steaming omelets and a stack of their buttermilk pancakes.