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Ballardvale, Massachusetts Top Fun Activities

Ballardvale is located within the Andover town boundaries; from hidden gems to sightseeing, locals will recommend several destinations and attractions that make the city unique. Here are a few of them. Learn information about Methuen, MA.

Lexington and Concord secrets Revealed

This tour will start on Lexington Green, a memorable landmark of the fateful day when the American Revolution began. You will hear the recount of that day’s event with familiar and strange information. You will also hear about the place they informed Paul Revere to be quiet when spreading the alarm. As the tour takes you to Concord, you will stop at many locations along the way to hear more surprising accounts that are not the same as the general tales. You will hear about the tragic and heroic events at the bridge and the surrounding area when you visit the Old North Bridge in Concord. Discover facts about Activities and Attractions in Andover, Massachusetts.

New England Secret Vintage & Thrift Shops

The shop will work with you to create a style profile depending on your wardrobe. Their specialists will note any particular pieces or looks you hope to take home during your stay. While indulging in an authentic taste of New England, this shop will coordinate your perfect shopping excursion. They have a treasure hunt with antique & thrift, second-hand, and vintage that they can search for one-of-a-kind and stunning pieces.